These 5 Bronzers Are the Best for Bronzing Pale Skin (No Orange Streaks Here)

We’re way too familiar with the many makeup woes that can accidentally happen when you’re shopping for beauty products specifically created for fair skin. We’ve been there: sometimes those light shades of setting powder are more “Casper the Friendly Ghost” than makeup perfector, or that perfectly normal-looking matte bronzer makes you look like you’ve been chugging Tang. The best bronzers accentuate your naturally fair skin tones, while also taking into account your skincare needs.

Whether you’re a fair-skinned diva hunting for a way to add a golden light to your makeup routine or you just want to add a pop of definition to your normal makeup look, we’ve got all the products that won’t let you down. Scroll on for the top-rated bronzers that have helped fair-skinned Ipsters maintain a healthy glow, without any streaking or cakey looks.


best bronzers for medium skin

1. TARTE Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess™

As much as we’d love to commit to a beachside, cabana hopping, ocean wave riding 24/7 lifestyle, we’ve got bills and other boring adult responsibilities keeping us firmly in fluorescent lighting. For the weeks in between our vacays, we’re pulling out this glittery clay powder bronzer to keep our glow going. The light gold shade makes it a no brainer for fair skin, but even better are the oil-absorbing properties of the amazonian clay. With a few swipes of this on the tops of your cheeks and the sides of your jawline, you’ll be shine-free and shimmer full in seconds.fileAsset

2. GIGI GORGEOUS The Sick Sculpt Bronzer in Turnt

It’s hard to pick just one reason we’re obsessed with this matte bronzing powder. For starters, it’s a limited-edition release from the brilliant and makeup savvy Gigi Gorgeous, who knows her way around a sculpted cheekbone. What’s more, Gigi knows about the fair skin makeup struggles of hunting for sunscreen, avoiding blotchy bronzers, and saying no to tanning beds. That’s why she created a bronzer that’s a cinch to use, whether you’re new to contouring or you’ve got a counter overflowing with makeup artist brushes, palettes, and powders.

One Ipster called this, “one of the best bronzers I’ve tried,” and another Ipster wrote, “I LOVE IT and use it every day.” Still, confused about where exactly to apply bronzer for your face shape? We’ve spilled all the deets in our handy guide to bronzer. fileAsset3. LOVECRAFT BEAUTY Bronzer in Cymbeline

Shimmery- and glitter-free living doesn’t have to mean giving up on glam, especially not if you have this ultra-luxe bronzer tucked in your makeup bag. The peachy shade has red undertones with light reflecting particles, which together create the illusion of a sun-kissed glow. Use it to top off your foundation and blush on days when you’re going full glam, or save it for your no-makeup looks to add just a hint of color to your cheeks. The hyper pigmented formula ensures that a little goes a long way, making it easily adjustable for the summer months when you’ve built up a natural glow.

One Ipster wrote, “I love this bronzer. It’s one of my favorites, because it’s very pigmented!” Another Ipster added, “I am absolutely in love with this bronzer. It blends in perfectly and doesn’t leave any lines or streaks. This brand is hand’s down amazing.” fileAsset4. THE BEAUTY CROP Bronzer in Sardinia Sand

So often, blushes and bronzers for pale skin are horribly off the mark, with hash browns and oranges creating a makeup look that is distracting at best, and distressing at worst. But this bronzer isn’t one of them. As one Napster wrote, “I love this shade because it provides a very natural bronze for my skin tone, somewhere in between nude and beige.” We’re huge fans of using this soft sand-toned powder bronzer, whether we’re crafting a natural look or adding it to our contouring makeup routine.

Not only does the cool-tone caramel work for light skin tones, but the green tea extract ensures that even those with dry skin can rock this glowing product. One intrepid Ipster reviewer wrote, “I really love this product. It’s perfect for a get-ready-quick makeup routine to add some color. I’ve also used it as a beautiful neutral eye shadow and even blended it with lip balm for a natural-looking color as well.” fileAsset

5. MORPHE Mini Bronzer in Debutante

Skipping the shimmer and sparkle doesn’t mean missing out on a bold makeup look . “Debutante” is the brilliant brown bronzer shade that goes on like velvet, giving your cheeks some instant definition. This matte bronzer is easily buildable, so you could even share it with your besties who don’t have as fair complexions.

But judging from the Ipster reviews, we have a feeling you won’t want to share this bold bronzer with anyone. One Ipster called this the “best bronzer I’ve ever used in my life.” Another Ipster raved, “A little goes a long way with this bronzer, which I love! It blends so evenly and lasts all day! I love it!” Keep that matte finish going by using a lighter-colored concealer as highlighter, or go for the gold with a shimmery highlighter. Either way, all eyes will be on your dramatic cheekbones.

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